Thursday, April 22, 2010


What is ATTARS?
ATTARS stands for the "Association of Tokyo Tech Alumni and Research Scholars (Kuramae Kai Philippines)".

What is the mission/vision of ATTARS?

ATTARS envisions a community of Filipino and foreign members that embodies common purpose, holistic excellence, proper attitudes and commitment towards scientific, technological and socio-economic research, ingenuity, competence, and social awareness. ATTARS aims to organize and/or support dedicated scientists and engineers endowed with the passion of promoting and conducting research and development for the benefit of society especially the Filipino community through a closer cooperation with relevant institutions like the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TOKYO TECH), Tokyo, Japan.

Who can be a member of ATTARS?

Regular membership in the Association shall be restricted to those who have graduated (BS, MS, PhD) and/or visited Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan through officially approved and recognized academic and research programs (e.g., JSPS, UNESCO, JICA, AUNSEEDNet, RONPAKU, MOMBUSHO, DOST-ESEP).

Students who visited TokyoTech under an exchange program are also qualified to join ATTARS as associate members.

How do I apply to be a member of ATTARS?

Application for membership shall be made by sending an application letter with the followinfg information (a) About your previous connection with TokyoTech and (b) Present affiliation and contact address, email address and telephone numbers to the Secretary of the Association for action by the Membership Committee. Upon approval, the applicant shall pay the annual dues to consummate the membership to the Association. Send application form to

Who were the past and present presidents of ATTARS?
  • The president of the interim board in 2006 was Dr. Lydia Tansinsin.
  • The president of the 2007 baord was Dr. Serviliano Olano, Jr. Dr. Andy Oreta served as acting president of the 2007 board from June - Dec 2007.
  • The president of the 2008 and 2009 boards were Dr. Susan Gallardo and Dr. Nathaniel Diola, respectively.
  • The present president (2010) of ATTARS is Dr. Jonathan Dungca.

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