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Sunday, September 15, 2013

TokyoTech Professors enjoy autumn tour in Manila

Professors and graduate students of Tokyo Institute of Technology had a day-long tour around Intramuros and nearby establishments in Metro Manila. The tour was organized by the Association of TokyoTech Alumni Researchers and Scholars (ATTARS); after their recent Seminar-Workshop on the Utilization of Waste Materials 2013 held in De La Salle Univeristy - Manila. The following show the places and events on that fun-filled day of September 7, 2013.

The Fort Santiago opens the tour with Professor Otsuki leading the way, showing the first-timers around the historical spots.

Blending in as local theater artists is important to fully imbibe history and culture.

History was about guns, heroes, and the people - local and international.

The city-view and cuisine at The Bay leaf provided a relaxing lunch session.

Aster visiting historical places in Manila, the day finished with a modern twist through a first-class tour of resorts world hotels and casino. The TokyoTech guests and the ATTARS hosts truly bonded and renewed their decade-long partnership. The group hopes to make the Seminar-Workshop an annual event, paving the way to a fruitful sharing of technology and culture between Japan and the Philippines.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Organized by:

Tokyo Institute of Technology
International Development Engineering Alumni Association - IDEAL TokyoTech 
De La Salle University - Manila

September 5-6, 2013 ♦ Manila Philippines
Henry Sy Sr. Hall, De La Salle University

Rationale of the Seminar-Workshop

In view of the current issues on waste management and the initiatives that have been done, the organizers were motivated in organizing this activity to promote discussions and development of sustainable engineering solutions on the management and utilization of waste. 

Objectives of the Seminar-Workshop

The Association of Tokyo Tech and Research Scholars (ATTARS) – Kuramae Kai Philippines in cooperation with Tokyo Institute of Technology, De la Salle University and International Development Engineering Alumni Association recognize the need to participate in addressing environmental issues geared towards sustainable development.

The seminar-workshop hopes to bring together technologists, engineers, scientists, field project managers, representatives from NGOs, governments, academia and industry to promote discussions on the development of sustainable engineering solutions on the management and utilization of waste. The seminar-workshop provides a venue for the all the stakeholders to share their work, exchange ideas and meet others who are involved in waste management and an opportunity to formulate projects with new partners.